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The Grizzly Labs - Bruno Virlet

The Grizzly Labs – Bruno Virlet


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About the Episode

How do you create those little features that most people may overlook but really make your app stand out? Well today’s guest is a successful indie developer and he shares their process for creating simple and amazing features. Also, if you’re thinking about leaving corporate then listen to his advice on when is the right time to do so.

Bruno Virlet is the Co-founder of The Grizzly Labs.

Show Notes

Overlooked Features Which Can Make Your App Stand Out 

As with all startup apps, there was a lot of trial and error and experimentation to get it right.  Image processing is always a compromise between being fast and being accurate. For Genius Scan, Bruno and his partner who were already into several aspects of image reproduction decided to use the 3-step process to come up with cool features that gave them an edge and made their app stand out. These are: 1) the app should have the ability to detect the frame of the document, 2) user’s ability to crop the image and 3) the ability to apply image enhancement. These 3 features of Genius Scan clearly gave it the edge over other existing similar scans.

When is the Right Rime to Leave the Corporate World

Bruno advises to be careful and make sure that when anyone leaves the corporate world, he has enough money to at least not to worry about it. Be wary of spikes in the revenue of apps because it could die. So timing is all important. Make sure that enough is coming in from the app before deciding to go for it full time.

Show Mentions

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