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Today’s guest is the Chief Revenue Officer at Glu Mobile and he shares how to increase ad revenue for your mobile games. Also, you will discover how to use live ops to keep users engaged, the evolution of user acquisitions and what they look for in studios to acquire.

Chris Akhavan is Chief Revenue Officer at Glu Mobile.

Show Notes

The Evolution of User Acquisitions 

Chris shares that companies have become sophisticated when it comes to UA. When he joined Glu, the company didn’t actually have a way to measure the ROIs of campaigns so they were just spending blindly. They have now invested in the right infrastructure, a creative services team and talents to upgrade the quality of campaigns being deployed and be able to get ROIs down to the granular level. Now, UA and infrastructure is a continuous theme for Glu.

Growth hacking stuff employed entrepreneurs are also very relevant to big companies. Glu also spends a lot of time looking at ASO and SEO to ensure they optimize things that they put out there. They also look at other forms of marketing such as working with influencers and other non-traditional UA methods.

What They Look for in Studios to Acquire and Tips for Indie Developers

When they look for potential acquisitions, first and foremost, is talent. They find talented teams and talented creative leadership as that is the core of everything that they do.

A tip that Chris shared to indie developers is to ensure they don’t get too far ahead of themselves. The core of your games should always be fun and experience. Always get your focus back on product and get it in front of people. Focus on the game first and worry about the business execution later on. Oftentimes, some people focus too much on the business execution before they have a viable product.nti

Show Mention

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