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Glympse - Bryan Trussel

Glympse – Bryan Trussel

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About the Episode

Coming up do you think being an entrepreneur is all about yachts, jets, and champagne? Well I have Bryan Trussel the co-founder and CEO of Glympse and he shares a great story about Ernest Shackleton as a metaphor for startups. Also towards the end of the interview listen to Bryan’s advice about building a startup, I loved his insight and I know you’ll love it too.

Bryan Trussel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Glympse.

About Glympse

Glympse is the easiest way to safely share your location with someone in real time. No sign-up needed and no new social network to manage. Recipients receive a link allowing them to view your ETA and location in real-time for the length of time you choose.

When the timer on your Glympse expires, your location is no longer visible. Best of all, recipients do not need any special software to view a Glympse. Send a Glympse via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter and recipients can view it using any web-enabled device.

• Easy: no sign-up required or friend lists to manage
• Safe: your Glympse automatically expires
• Live: share location in real-time
• Open: share with anyone – no app required to view
• Passive: runs in the background
• Global: works anywhere you have GPS and a data connection

Use Glympse to:
• coordinate a night out with friends
• let your spouse know when you’ll be home from work
• negotiate an extra hour of curfew with your parents
• make sure a loved one knows you are safe while running or cycling
• find family members at a theme park
• provide a courtesy notice & ETA to a client when you are stuck in traffic
• share a charity run with followers on Facebook or Twitter
• direct emergency personnel to you quickly

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