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Coming up, I’m going to share with you the single, best tip which will help you to increase app store Ranking.

One Single Tip To Get Good Rankings in the iOS App Store

Today, I’m sharing the single best tip that I can give you from the ASO perspective to help you increase your App Store rankings. If you are new to the app space or you’ve been around in the business then well, you know that what it is: focusing your best keywords in your app title!

Focus on your app title and that is it! Have the most relevant and highly trafficked keywords that you can possibly get into the top 10 in the title. If the keywords a little bit too competitive, find one that you can rank in the top 10. Otherwise, it might not be worth it.

For example, if you are focusing on meditation, try to find something similar or a longtail keyword that you can rank in the top 10. Also, you can try the Spanish Mexico trick. If you are not familiar with this, then you will learn it here!

The US app store indexes the Spanish Mexico localization so that if you use English keywords in your Spanish Mexico title, you will be able to rank them really high.

I did a case study where I repeated the words in the US subtitle and again in the Spanish Mexico title and it helped increase my rankings. So, you would want your number one keyword in the US app title and you would want your second best keyword in the US subtitle along with the Spanish Mexico title.

How to Level Up On Your Competition

Here’s a bonus tip to level up your competition: after optimizing your title, focus on those app store ratings.

Ratings are very important. Just getting a lot of stars for your ratings will help those keywords that you have already optimized increase its rank. In my previous video, I mentioned how important ratings are for your ranking when I went from 84 to the top 10 for one of my keywords by just optimizing my title. However, I believed that I would have only gone up that high because I had so many ratings for my app.

For brand new apps, this might be a little bit harder. But I tried many hacks to see if it works and it actually does for apps under 100 ratings with a little bit of ratings.

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