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For those whose design costs are killing them because they are paying thousands of dollars per app, I’m going to reveal my favorite design service to help you scale your emoji apps while lowering your design cost. I’ve used this service for app icons, screenshots and even complete iMessage apps. We all know that the more we spend, the harder it is to recoup cost especially if you are running Facebook ads so we all need to find the most efficient services. This will greatly help you whether you are a blogger, an app developer or an entrepreneur.

My favorite graphic design service for apps is Design Pickle.

It is a paid service ($370 per month) which provides you with unlimited designs. They do not do logos but make a lot of other impressive designs. Here are the projects where I used Design Pickle:

  • Bad Santa iMessage Stickers for Christmasapp – this app is created purely from Design Pickle – the app icon, the stickers, the screenshots – all I needed to do was to send them the specs, some examples and all the instructions needed to get the job done.
  • Some of my infographics and all the custom images in our YouTube channel are also created by Design Pickle.
  • Having a poor design icon is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as it affects downloads. One of our clients who had an app, Sentence Master, primarily had an icon which was boxy and in 3D and I had Design Pickle create an improved one which reflects the flat characteristics of the game. During AB testing, the new icon out performed the old one by 19%. It is important to look at trends and be aware of Apple’s preferences to nail your icon logo.

Try Design Pickle to through my affiliate link and see what it can do for you. Flat-rate, always available, ego-free, unlimited graphic designs help.



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