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My favorite hack involves giving your ‘exclusive’ announcement to a platform or a big blog. To be able to do this, the key is finding a reporter at a big publication that just started there. You have big guys who have been in reporters in famous publications for a long time – don’t go after them as everyone else is. The quick way to find these guys is:

  • Go to LinkedIn,
  • Search for ‘Reporter at TechCrunch’, for example ,
  • Once you have the results, simply take a look at when their start dates were.

After that, you can figure out what their email addresses are and start pitching. I recommend doing a bit more research on them by going through their bio or author profile page at their company’s website or even in social media like Instagram. Use the information you have gathered to make your email personal so it doesn’t feel like you just lifted your letter from a template.

It’s not going to take you 5 minutes but the rewards are potentially great. This hack will help you get through the noise.


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