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We got a masterclass for you on how to grow your Google Play downloads and more importantly your retention. You will discover how he uses Facebook groups to get downloads and user feedback, the key learnings from the 100’s of A/B tests he runs a week, and how localizing his app led to even more growth.

Simon Bacher is the Founder of Ling Languages.


04:26 – How they leveraged on their competitors to see what’s missing and to find out what can be improved in their own app.

05:32 – How you can grow and generate money from your app after making it.

8:50 – Why you should consider promoting your apps on Facebook groups and how to do it the right way.

11:18 – How to improve and how to know what to improve.

14:54 – Why you should consider making money and getting subscriptions on Google Play (versus iOS).

16:28 – What to test on Google Play to boost the improvement on your apps.

20:52 – How to use SEO traffic to get people to download your apps.

23:40 – Making people sign up on your apps through email.

26:32 – Localization: what to use and what to localize.

29:17 – General tips on how to grow your downloads and start localizing such as where you should start and what to do from there.

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