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Today’s guest is the Chief Growth Officer at Lingvist, a language learning app. You will discover how he’s been able to grow their user base by 30x in a very crowded space, how he drove that growth by focusing on retention and the impact that localization has made on their app.

Scott Dodson is the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) at Lingvist.

Show Notes

How Scott Grew His User Based By 30x In Just 3 Years?

Scott focused on retention, in particular, the retention graph. There are a number of stacked retention graphs out there that you can use to help you out. The concept is that, if some portion of your user base does not become flat or does not essentially become a retained perpetually, it will eventually trend to down 0.

But eventually, the shape of the curve is going to flatten out and in order to have a consistent growth over time, you need to see your retention curve flatten out for at least some percentage of your users. You gotta hit a value loop with essentially some portion of your users. Otherwise, you can’t stack or build any long-term growth.

Is Localization Worthwhile?

Localization is critical but you have to pick your battle. You know how bad it is when you see an app that’s obviously localized in English. Its quality dropped to nothing and it’s just going to be a garbage.

You don’t have to be in every country at the same time. A number of users wanted theirs app to be in Italian, Swedish or Vietnamese but they know that every single language is another mouth to feed. So, take it slow after the big market and do it well.

Show Mentions

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