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Today’s guest is the guy that actually coined the term “growth hacker” and he shares his 4-step formula for hacking growth for your company. Plus listen to the end of the episode where I will giveaway 10 books to you.

Sean Ellis is CEO and founder of Sean is also the coauthor of Hacking Growth

Show Notes

What Really is Growth Hacking 

When you hear about the term ‘growth hacker’, some people would just think about acquisition but there are other important pieces of this. It’s great to get guidance and advice about different channels and how to tap into those but if you do not have an integrated system managing the customer journey to a full conversion and retain customer, you are going to have a hard time competing in those channels. All of it is important but you have to think about it holistically around the customer journey.

Tips for Hacking Growth 

Sean likes to start at the end point. He goes and surveys customers on a product and then diagrams the process of taking a person into consideration, all the way down to the experience which was described by his most passionate users. Once you document this process, rapidly iterate each step in the funnel that takes them to the path on becoming a long-term retained user.

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