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Coming up is a coaching call where you will discover what determines keyword rankings, how to name your app name for optimal growth and when the optimal time to ask for an App Store review is.

Francisco Park is the creator of Hashtag Bank

Show Notes

Keyword Rankings

In checking what other key words you can come up with, you can go to a free service tool called Go to ASO Tool >> Suggest and Search and look at what other terms the tool is suggesting for your app. AppFollow will give you 20 keywords with their corresponding search scores. Based off this, you will get a sense of how competitive that certain keyword has.  You would want to go with keywords with decent traffic and low competition. You also have options to search per country.

The Spanish – Mexico localization is indexed by the US so if you put English keywords in this localization, you can double the amount of keywords you can go after. This is the same case with the French – Canadian localization.

Increasing App Store Reviews

Francisco was asking how to increase his reviews as currently, he asks his users to leave one when they get to the 100th hash tag. I have suggested changing this to the 3rdusage as not all users may get to a 100th. Be more aggressive as this will help you.Another option is to buy app reviews as well. If Apple doesn’t like it, it’ll just get deleted but it usually sticks.


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