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Today’s guest has raised over $52M for Heal, a startup that allows on-demand doctor house calls. You will discover how to start and expand an on-demand service, how to execute and grow an idea and lastly how to find a co-founder that is aligned with your vision.

Greg Drobnick is the Co-Founder​and EVP of Strategic Initiatives at Heal, the nation’s leading app for on-demand doctor house calls.

Show Notes

Growing and Executing Ideas

Greg advises to grow at a phase you can afford and in a phase which will entail you not to lose quality. In the early days, they started a small operation in a sub pocket of LA to prove the model, to make sure that their technology was working and find out if they could hire quality doctors.  Even if their app and tech are incredible, the reality is, it all depended on their ability to recruit amazing doctors who wants to practice medicine in an environment which is unrushed, where you can afford to collect more and more information to reconcile medication and understand other factors to determine the proper medical care of a certain person. Their first proof of concept was convincing doctors that this was a great way to practice medicine and it turned out, that the doctors convinced them that they were right. Another element was getting patient feedback and how they respond to the whole thing. This was how they started momentum.

Finding the Right Co-Founder

One of the lessons in the entrepreneurial process which Greg had learned was that, in the early days when starting a company, it is to really understand your co-founders. He is honored to be currently surrounded with fun, brilliant co-founders at Heal but previously, he had an experience where he thought he was aligned with a co-founder but it turned out that they weren’t. It led to a weird dynamics and it did not pan out in the end. After that, he promised that he will be more methodic and thoughtful the next time this happens because if you don’t have the right people around you, it can be a real downer. In contrast to that, if you have the right ones, it can make your world a lot of fun. You can do this by understanding your strengths and opportunities as the basics of finding a co-founder is finding one with skill sets that you don’t have, which are ultimately a necessity for your business. You will complement each other’s skills. Plus, there is the element of getting along so find people who you can imagine yourself spending long hours with.

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