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Today’s guest is the Head of Growth for HER, a dating app for queer women. You will discover how finding a local person was the key to internationalizing the app, how to maximize influencer marketing campaigns for a niche app and how retro looking ads are outperforming any other ad creative.

Noa Gutterman is Head of Growth at HER Social App.

Show Notes

Why Did HER Social App Decide To Rebrand?

According to Noa, they learned about a major data over a year ago: a study in Great Britain revealed that 50% of the millennials are non-straight.

Their app was designed three years ago when there was a lot less social acceptance for queer people. With the study in mind, they decided to make a complete overhaul of their app — from the logo, mission, vision and values statement — to make it more relatable to their users.

The team’s decision to make a full rebranding received an overwhelming response from their customers. Many of the users feel that the app actually represents their identity, not on being a lesbian as it used to be, but more on having their own space for self-exploration and fearless discovery.

How HER Ensures That Localizing Their App Will be a Success?

Noa admitted that they wanted to localize their app to drive more revenue outside the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. What they did was hire a local person who really understood the community of queer women and also spoke fluent English.

By doing so, they were able to find the right verbiage that made sense in that language. They also did a lot of research to tailor fit a user acquisition strategy for that specific audience.

They also did a lot of PR. For instance, when they went live in France, they worked closely with their Apple App Store team and made sure that the app is localized in French. They also worked with an advisory board of pre-existing users for a smooth transition.

Noa and her team are looking forward to taking their internationalization efforts to the next level by expanding to Spain, Mexico, and Brazil.

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