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Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant that’s going to help you scale your business and even help you hire more VAs? Well you’re going to discover our process for hiring the right virtual assistant for your business.

Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

If you have so much work to do and you don’t have enough time to work on it, a virtual assistant (VA) can be of help for you. A VA will allow you to focus on one piece of your business and outsource the rest.

I have four virtual assistants from the Philippines and India and two of them have been with me for six years already. They’ve been with me from the very beginning of the podcast when I was doing this stuff on the side. One of them, Merge, is our Operations Manager. She basically runs all the operation and even hired our awesome designer, Rhod! The real advantage of having these remote employees is – they help you grow.

How to Hire a VA?

If you are looking for VA, it’s really simple. Start looking for one on The site has a number of great talents, but you have to fill out the job description really well. Specify what you are looking for, who do you want, and what experience you require.

The more work you put in on your job description, the better the candidates are gonna be because it proves to them that you’re very serious about hiring somebody. This will also help them in filtering out themselves.

Tips to Hire the Right VA?

  1. Ask them to write a simple message at the very top of their application.

So, typically, how I end my job descriptions are “if you’re interested in this job” or “if this job description fits you and you’d be the perfect candidate start your application by saying the words ‘booyah’ or the words ‘App Masters'” or something like that. By doing this, you will see if they follow directions and if they read through everything. If you don’t reply with that, you can easily filter them out and cut them out.

  1. Hire multiple people.

What you want to do is hire three to five people and have them do a small task that they would normally do if they were in that particular role. In that way, you can see the quality of work that they will do. In addition, you’ll be able to check out the timing or how fast they can deliver.

You don’t have to pay them all if it’s a small work, but if you’re up for it you can pay for a small amount for the project you want them to work on. You can also pay them through their hourly rate. The goal for this is to see their quality of work, how timely they deliver and see if they communicate properly. In this way, you will see if they are a good fit to your company.

  1. Virtual Staff Finder.

Honestly, they’ve been a hit or miss with me but I found one of our copywriters there. She does all the blog posts transcripts. She’s also writing the Apple pitches for our clients and I’m helping her do that. She’s been really helpful. I have found good people through Virtual Staff Finder. And again, same tips apply when you look for a VA there!

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Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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