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Today’s guest is the Growth Marketing Manager for a TELUS Health app.

You will discover how they are using SMS marketing to grow their app downloads, how showing too many features in an ad campaign completely failed and how they are optimizing their onboarding experience to reduce friction.

Felix Huang is the Growth Marketing Manager at Babylon by TELUS Health.


01:09 – A key to approaching product growth involves, among other things, an intentional understanding of the market, why people are interested in the product as well as the barriers that stop them from using it.

03:12 – Powerful tools to gather feedback (SMS, MMS, Email) which is more effective, and why you need to get feedback regularly from users.

05:14 – SMS as a useful communication channel for marketers. Know what to include in your message in order for this tool to be effective and engaging.

09:48 – Why you should avoid concepts in ads that are too broad for the messaging to be undiluted and focused.

12:12 – How the pandemic became a game-changer for app developers.

15:27 – Optimizing onboarding experience to reduce friction.

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