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Today’s guest is Lior Barak, a data strategist with over 12 years of expeirnece in the field. Lior worked for companies such as Nielsen, Cisco, Lovoo, Zalando and more. He is the author of “Data is Like a Plate of Hummus”, Co-host of “WHAT the Data?!” Podcast and Co-founder of Tale About Data.

You will discover…

– How indies can adjust to IDFA

– What metrics make the biggest difference for your app business

– How to build in-house data analytics tools

– Why you must have a communication line with your customers

– What’s the primary growth channel, is it still Facebook and Google?

Lior Barak is the Co-founder of Tale About Data.


07:52 – What to do next after collecting data.

11:09 – How to adapt if you can’t retarget your users anymore.

13:16 – Things to watch out for that’s going to make a big difference in our business.

15:34 – Understanding why a user will not buy or subscribe in your app.

20:04 – The importance of A/B testing in figuring out how you can improve your app.

27:47 – Emerging channels that indie developers can use to start thinking from a growth perspective.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Trello

WHAT the Data?

Data is Like a Plate of Hummus

Apple article about data

Lior Blog Post: Serving users no dollars

Lior Blog Post: Wabi-Sabi your data

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