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Today’s guest is Ryan Yada the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Flowmotion Entertainment. He co-leads the company’s international growth with 80 team members in 10 countries.

You will discover how optimizing for small wins led their games to have explosive growth despite a disappointing launch. He shares what areas of the product to optimize, how fine tuning their app led to major ASO growth, and the tools he uses to measure all these tests.

Ryan Yada is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Flowmotion Entertainment


2:14 – How to make a game a success through constant testing.

5:56 – Ryan’s shares their post launch activities: hiring consultants to look funnels and looking at improvements in many different areas all the way down the funnel.

9:31 – Tools you can use to measure success metrics.

11:10 – How to decide whether to hire consultants or figure things out by yourself.

20:19 – Google Ads, Apple Search Ads and other ad platforms that you can use for testing.

Show Notes

Game Analytics
Cooking Crush
Cooking My Story

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