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What’s up! Today, I’ve got a snippet from our upcoming App Masters Virtual Summit which will start on April 15th. This is a 10-day online-only event where you’ll get to see some of my favorite friends who are independent app developers crushing in the app space.

You will get to watch all these interviews for free on the day it goes live, so register by going to

Without further ado, here’s Sarah Boland, Founder & CEO at Life Lapse.

Why Switch From In-App Purchases to Subscriptions

If the in-app purchase is not working for you, try subscriptions. Everyone is already doing subscriptions and there’s nothing to lose if your first strategy is not working for you.

When offering subscriptions, you can have it monthly or annually. In most cases, people would opt for an annual subscription.

If you have more monthly subscribers, try to offer a 7-day free trial. Giving users free trial will convince them how helpful your app is to them and when they enjoy it they would want to use it longer so they will opt for an annual subscription.

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