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Today’s guest is Shoji Ueki, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing at SeatGeek. You will discover the process that he uses to find new and emerging user acquisition channels and when it works, how to scale it.

Shoji Ueki is the Sr. Director, Growth Marketing at SeatGeek.

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Show Notes

How to Find New User Acquisition Channels

To find new acquisition channels, keep your eyes open for what is out in the market and what’s growing. You can also talk to your peers to see what they are doing and what they are having success at.

You should also consider your target customer. Check out what that person does every day, what apps he uses, and what websites he visits because these touchpoints are opportunities to find the best-paid ads or partner.

How to Scale a New Channel

There are four levers to scale a new channel – full coverage, optimize funnel, max-like efficiency and competitive economics. In general, make sure that you have full coverage of all that interest your audience.

Next, optimize your creative and copy, and test.

Third, ensure that you are always paying the right amount for every given user.

Finally, have strong margins or LTVs. Focus on each of these four components and over time these will hopefully lead to growth.

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