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Coming up, you will learn how to create a press release for your mobile game and who to reach out to.

Getting press release for a mobile game is not great for driving downloads. However, this helps in building brands and if you want people to know about your game.

Identify the websites

Start with identifying the websites that you want to be on. Here are the three big websites that I recommend for mobile games: Touch Arcade, Venture Beat and Pocket Gamer.

Among the three, Touch Arcade is the no. 1 site if you want to drive downloads because they have a fantastic community of gamers. Venture Beat is great if you are building brands.

Give them the exclusive

Give one of these websites the exclusive on your launch, which means that they are the only website that can publish or post your announcement first and foremost. You cannot pitch everybody the exclusive of your mobile game, just pick one.

Once you have decided which website you want to appear on, choose a reporter. In Venture Beat, Dean covers the big games on the market, so email him with the exclusives on the announcement.

Give him a week notice and provide him with videos about your mobile game. The video doesn’t need to be high-production. It could be simply you playing the game or recording it. This is what I did with my game that was featured by Apple.

Follow Up

After sending your first email, do a follow up after a couple of days. If you still don’t hear from them, reach out to the second website.


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