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You’re going to discover 3 simple ways to increase your organic downloads without touching your keywords

How to Increase Downloads Without Changing Keywords?

When it comes to driving more downloads, most believe that they have to change their keywords. However, that doesn’t need to be the case all the time.

Here are other options to increase your downloads without changing your keywords.

App Icon

Your app icon is significant in your organic downloads. It must be visually appealing to draw more users because it’s the first thing that the users see, so you should work on its design. A case study supports this claim.

I have a friend who has a great app called “3 Minute Mindfulness.” In 2016, he doubled his downloads just by changing the app icon. He didn’t make any changes other than that. So, the increase in download can only be attributed to its app icon.


Your screenshot should give your potential customers an overview of what your app is all about. Second, you should lead with social proof. For this, name the big companies that use your app and mention its features and other benefits after.

Also, you can check the reviews of your app at App Annie and use the terms they described your app in the screenshots. Also, focused on the first three screenshots as these are the ones that appear in the search results. We have tried this in one of our clients and we successfully doubled their downloads.


You can prompt your users three times in a year to give your app ratings and review. This is important because your ratings and keyword rankings are directly proportional. The more ratings you have, the higher your keyword rankings are going to be.

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