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Coming up is a friend of mine who is the Head of Growth at Universe.

You will discover how to figure out the right pricing for your subscription plan, the philosophy of having trials on your subscriptions, and if indie developers need to figure out LTV.

Fritz Charles is the Head of Growth at Universe.


01:15 – Monthly, quarterly, yearly subscriptions…which one is right for you.

02:09 – AB testing: Is it really necessary? What are the variables that you need to be aware of when you do the tests?

04:30 – Effectiveness of free trial periods on subscriptions and the philosophy behind it.

08:05 – Tip on app subscription: Don’t be too aggressive or hostile; you want your users to be able to engage with your app long enough before asking them to pay for a subscription and convince them it’s worth paying for.

14:00 – Dissecting the fundamentals of LTVs. Is there really an easy way to calculate LTV? Should indie developers even look into LTVs?

25:26 – Ads strategies that actually work for your audiences.

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