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Use these simple frameworks to increase your app’s virality.

#1: You better have users

#2: Make your customers look good

#3: Create a win-win for both users


00:40 – Guess what is the main, secret ingredient why an app is shared by users and goes viral.

01:13 – What is the ‘Look good, feel good’ formula for your users and why it’s soooo effective!

03:15 – Apps with previews tend to perform better – take advantage of this!

05:22 – Gifs of the app in action get more engagement from users.

05:39 – Refer-a-friend tactic gets you more downloads and conversions.

07:20 – Gift cards: Just how effective is this strategy.

Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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