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Today’s guest is Dan Clark, the CEO of Brain.FM. You will discover how he went from working for free to now CEO of the company.

Dan Clark is the CEO of Brain.FM.


01:49 – How Dan found out about the app and applied to work for free.

05:48 – Why he used reactive native to build the first version.

06:19 – Why he decided to NOT build the app himself.

07:17 – How he grew by investing in the science of the app.

09:55 – How to overcome objections to the app’s subscription.

13:53 – Was it hard to work for another company after having your own company?

16:03 – How to decide whether to build a lifestyle business vs going bigger.

17:05 – Why he brought on a COO.

23:35 – The lessons learned from going from a lifestyle business to one with employees.

26:25 – Why referral marketing is one of the best channels.

28:45 – What’s working with LinkedIn ads.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Roam Research


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