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Coming up I’m going to reveal the strategy that we used to pitch a Product Hunt moderator completely cold and the things to include in your email to make their lives easier.

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What is up App Nation? It is Steve P Young, back and better than ever. And in this video, it’s actually straight from my newest course on how to launch successfully on Product Hunt. And in this video, you’re going to discover why it’s important to pitch a moderator and get that moderator to post on Product Hunt for you. How to find the right moderator. And lastly, what to include in your email to make their lives really stinking easy. So that it becomes easier for them to post on your behalf.

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How do you pitch a moderator? Well let me tell you first why it’s so important to have a moderator submit your product. Like I said before, the tech category’s one of the most crowded parts of Product Hunt. But if you get a moderator to actually submit your product, then it’s going to make the home page, it’s going to see the light of day that you actually need to make sure you find success on it.

So it’s very important to pitch that moderator. And usually moderators have a big following on Product Hunt. And what happens after they submit a product, is Product Hunt sends an email to all their followers that says, “Hey Eric,” or “Steve, just submitted this product on Product Hunt, check it out.” It gives you even more leverage to find – to find that success on Product Hunt. Because people, thousands of people are already following this person, will get an email notification when your product goes live on Product Hunt.

So really, really important to find the right person to submit. And I usually look for a moderator on Product Hunt. They like to tell the world that they’re a moderator on Product Hunt. So find that moderator, okay?

Next thing is, find the right moderator. We had a client of ours that – well I knew a moderator at Product Hunt who submitted a few of our products already. He actually submitted my eBook as well. I said, “He’s probably not the right fit for it.” The app was called, “Views from top.” And it allows you to see all the best sceneries of all the best places from the world. So the best places with the best scenery of the world. I didn’t think Eric was a good fit for it.

So we found a female entrepreneur, a female moderator on Product Hunt – and we pitched her on it, and she submitted the product. So find a moderator, it’s important. Number – so find the right– Number 1, find the right moderator. Find a moderator, find the right moderator. And then, number 3, personal – lies the pitch.

And here’s what we did. We went in cold for the Product Hunt moderator, the female entrepreneur. This is my secret way of finding – of personalizing any pitch. I actually look on their Instagram account. So I just Google their name in Instagram. I generally look at some of the old photos. I don’t want to look at something that they’ve just recently posted, ’cause that’s too easy. I scroll down a little bit more.

And what we’ve found out for her was that she had this costume that she was sharing, and we said, “Hey, great costume.” That was the subject line. And then we said, “Hey, we saw your photo on Instagram.” Made sure that they knew that we saw where the photo of, we’re not just stalking this person. And then we made our pitch. And I’m going to include that pitch in one of the companion documents. So you’ll have the exact pitch that we used on – for her – using Instagram.

And it’s – I love using Instagram, because it’s more personal, right? We’re sharing photos. Generally about ourselves, about our lives. And it’s not – the marketers haven’t kinda used Instagram and just flushed it out. If you look at Twitter, everybody uses Twitter. Say, “Hey Jarrod, I hope you’re recovering from your cold. Because I saw it on Twitter.” Everybody uses Twitter, it’s too easy. Go to Instagram, it builds a deeper connection with that user.

And I actually pitched an Apple contact looking at his Instagram. And I’m now – we’re friends. No, we’re not friends. But he’s a contact of mine, and he actually replied to the email.

So, personalize the pitch. And then once you’ve got them engaged, here’s what you want to provide, okay? The App name – what your App does. The start up, the product name – whatever. Whatever’s going to go on Product Hunt. You want to be able to literally have them copy and paste each thing, and make it really easy for them. That’s what I do anytime I pitch Eric. “Hey Eric, here’s all the info you’re going to need,” okay?

So App name, tag line – which hopefully you’ve got a clever tag line. Links – so that means links to your video, your App Store, your website, all the links that you want to provide – provide it to them. You can have multiple, not just one. Your launch date. So whatever day you want to launch, make sure you provide it to them, so that they know they can post it on this particular launch date. And lastly, your maker username. As I said, personal, right? So your personal Twitter account is what you’ve got to provide to them.

So those 5 things. Let me recap real quick. Your App name, your tag line, your links – multiple links are okay. Your launch date, and then lastly your personal Twitter account – that, for you to become the maker on Product Hunt.

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