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Mobile App Chat – Steve Young

Mobile App Chat – Steve Young


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About the Episode

Steve shares his January income report along with his tips on how he reaches influential people.

Income Report

Consulting – $7,500
Podcast (Sponsorship + Mastermind) – $1,966.67
Apps – $75.46
Email Scripts – $25.40

Total – $9,567.53

Show Notes

Welcome once again comrades to another unfiltered, solo performance from yours truly! I am very grateful for your support for the January episode and I am here again to share updates and outputof my journey so you can continue learning from them.

One of the contributing factors from the success I have so far is the fact that I have been able to get influential people in the podcast. But how do you get these people to be interested in what you have to offer?

Five Tips in Reaching Influential People 

#1: Do Your Research

Make sure you know who you are pitching to and ensure that they are members of the community you are aiming to capture. Take the extra mile to get to know them and their background and use this information in your efforts in trying to get their buy in.

#2: Share Their Content on Twitter

Follow your prospects in Twitter, share a quote or a content of theirs and mention them in the tweet. Not only will they appreciate this gesture but chances are that when you send them an invitation on whatever venture you are in, they would already be familiar on who you are.

#3: Use Flattery in the Subject Line

The quote states “flattery gets you everywhere” mainly because most people respond to compliments. Use a little flattery in your subject line to get people’s attention and ensure you follow it through with a great pitch in the email body to hook them in.

#4: Emphasize Benefits

In your correspondence, place significance and focus on why your show is different, what makes it a cut above the rest and what it could do for them as well. Use social proofs, such as number of download or mention previous guests that they know to stir interest.

#5: Follow Up

Getting no response does not always mean disinterest. Take time to follow up and use email reminder tools, such as Boomerang in Gmail, for you to remember to follow up on requests. 

Bonus Tip: Offer Compensation

Still getting no progress after exhausting the tips above? Let the person you are pitching to feel valuable by politely telling them that you will pay for their time if they grace you with their presence. This will tell them just how much you are really interested in their input and talent.

These tips did wonders for me so I am hoping they will do the same for you.  For last month, I was not able to hit the 10k mark and have not made any progress in the content marketing course I am taking but I was able to publish two reskins, made phenomenal progress in the Mobile App Chat Mastermind and had received a shout out from Andrew Warner that had impacted me in leaps and bounds. Hooray to that and to the next months of 2014!

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