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Not convinced that ASO will work for you? Well, I’m going to show you a simple way to test if app store optimization will actually lead to more organic downloads.

How to Check if ASO Will Work for You?

Some remain skeptic when it comes to how helpful App Store Optimization (ASO) can be in their marketing. For those who are still not sold to ASO, I suggest that you try this test to see if ASO will be beneficial for you.

Open and find your app. For this example, I will use the Calm app as this is a great candidate to use for this case study. App Annie will show you a lot of details about your app. Next, go to Keywords (ASO). Once you’re in that page you will see a list of keywords that you rank really well for.

Pull out those keywords with high search score and where you’re in the top five. Put the keywords into a tool called App Follow. The app allows you to only put 20 keywords, but you can add more if you pay for it.

After generating the results, look at the positions and see which ones got the most traffic. Generally, pick a keyword with high traffic and where you’re in the top five. You can then add that keyword to your app name.

If you don’t want to change the title or you are not allowed to touch the US app, you can add those keywords in the Spanish Mexico app field name.

After making the changes check your ranking and downloads. If you are getting more downloads and your ranking goes up then ASO works for you.

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