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Coming up, want to know how to start a successful college ambassador program to help grow downloads for your app? We’re gonna cover this and how much to pay them, so stay tuned!

How College Ambassador Program Works to Grow an App

Drunk Mode used this approach to grow the downloads of their app. Jake, a student at the time, received an email about the app and found it interesting because there was no other app like it.

In college, they drunk a lot and they found Drunk Mode as something offering them a balance between finding a party and being safe with friends. Thus, the program appealed to him.

Since he is also an opportunist and wanted to help the program that he believes in, he took his own initiatives and became the app’s first campus representative. Campus reps promote the app in the school, they introduce the app to other students and encourage them to download and use it too. As a result, the app downloads grow.

If you are planning a college ambassador program for your app, make sure that it will appeal to the students. Develop an app that is relevant to them. In this way, your rep won’t have a hard time campaigning for it because they love it and the other students will surely enjoy it too because they can easily relate to it.

What Campus Representatives Do, How are They Paid

As the name suggests, campus representatives represent the company on that campus. They send flyers to urge other students to download the app, chalked the street about the app, and give out t-shirts promoting the app. In short, campus reps build the brand in the school.

A lot of company don’t pay those kids, but you should treat them the way you treat your other employees. Make sure that they are happy and that there’s room to grow because a lot of students want to be a campus rep not for money, but because they have a dream and want to be part of your company.

Also, DrunkMode found a lot of talents from their campus reps, so you should give those

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