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Coming is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas with my friend Pek. He shares how he’s able to sell to some of the biggest brands, his brilliant land and expand strategy and how selling into the future will help you grow sales.

Pek Pongpaet is the Managing Partner at Impekable.

Show Notes

Pek’s Land and Expand Strategy

Pek works to get a client and establishes a relationship. Once that relationship is in place, he will work on expanding by asking them if there are other groups within their company that he may be able to help. They would usually refer someone then Pek would ask for an intro and before you know it, he’d be working with the person with multiple, simultaneous projects.

Translating this to consumer relationship, this would mean having a customer download your app and thinking about how you can increase their lifetime value. This should be your end goal.

Selling Into the Future

This is all about pre-selling. Pek shared about friends he know who are already done with their sales for the next 8 months. They have already pre-booked clients that if they will have more business, they won’t have any choice but the grow their team. The idea of selling something and gaining business so far in advance will make you feel secure so it is a very useful skill.

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