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Coming up is a coaching call with an indie game developer. We talk about how to add variability in his games, how to test your simple game ideas and why ASO is not necessary for casual games.

Ozzie Haniffa is an indie game developer.

Show Notes

Is ASO Necessary for Casual Games?

For Ozzie’s case, he is building casual games and keywords and ASO are not as important for these. But if you really want to tweak your keywords, find those which are already well known for example, Rotary Rush. People will be searching for Rotary, they might not be looking for a game, but they will likely use that keyword.

Also, I try to get inspiration from movies and build a theme from an ASO perspective. You can succeed with casual games without any type of ASO.

How to Test Your Simple Game Ideas

You can visit forums like Touch Arcade to get feedback from the other members. Try to give out promo codes in exchange for feedback to get the help you need for game testing.

The people in Touch Arcade play games all the time, which makes them a good help if you want to test your game. They are very experienced and they know what to check and what to test. You can expect helpful feedback from them.

How to Add Variability in Your Game

Having a solid core loop is important to retain your users however, you should add variability to entertain them and keep them coming back to your game. For instance, you can change the speed, add more challenges or colors to make the presentation more lively. If your game lacks variability, the players will eventually get bored and drop it, so work on this.

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