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Do you hate sales? Well pony up cowboy, because today’s guest shares some simple tactics that you can use to improve your sales pitch. Also, listen to how he’s using the free Hubspot tool to set up meetings with 98% of his leads.

Daniel Goebel is CEO and Founder at Inante.

Show Notes

Improving Your Sales Pitch

Sales starts with good customer service. Initiate conversation with your customers to drive you to identify their needs and talk to them to get to know the pain points inside their locations to overcome objections. In knowing this, you can tailor your sales message to accommodate the needs of what those objections are even if they are biased-based. It’s all about getting into the mindset of the customers.

Deciding on Expansion 

Daniel shares that they decided to expand to cover food trucks, cupcake places and delicatessens and they made this decision when they saw stable revenue coming in and when the momentum has built on their first app, Brew. Their next projects basically depended on the success of Brew because that was their largest market.

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