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What’s up! Today, I’ve got a snippet from our upcoming App Masters Virtual Summit which will start on April 15th. This is a 10-day online-only event where you’ll get to see some of my favorite friends who are independent app developers crushing in the app space.

You will get to watch all these interviews for free on the day it goes live, so register by going to

Without further ado, here’s Diane Hamilton the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Binary Formations.

How Customer Support Helps Retention

Diane approaches retention by providing solid customer support and services. She believes that this is part of a product and if you do this well, it will play a big part in your retention because people will come back and stick with you.

They have started their business since 2005 and there are customers who have been with them from the beginning up to now and she attributed their retention to “customer experience.”

Handling Support for Multiple Apps

Initially, they didn’t handle support well as they stuck to good old-fashioned emailed. When their customers and number of apps grew, things got unmanageable. They lost track of emails and support cases coming in, so they decided to automate.

Diane looked for a platform that would help them automate and they found FogBugz which became a lifesaver for them. They strategically set it up to automate things even further and it worked for them.


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