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Today’s guest is the former Head of User Acquisition at Hopper and now app marketing consultant. You will discover how to effectively drive user growth using dynamic ads and how he set up his entire automation system. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the difference in strategy between the big Facebook advertisers versus the small ones and if you’re a small one he shares how you can set up a Facebook campaign just like the big guys.

Simon Lejeune is the Head of User Acquisition at Hopper.


06:54 – Why have a static page that talks about the benefits versus one that shows you all the right and best deals.

09:06 – Using Smartly for automatic campaign creation.

12:15 – The second most effective channel for Simon: Snapchat.

13:41 – How Hopper advertises and gets their customers.

16:00 – How to know what to show your target audience and how to tell which channel people are coming from.

23:10 – Targeting your audience (big or small) on a tight budget.

27:12 – Retention strategies to get positive ROIs formed spends.

35:06 – Other categories to consider depending on your niche and where to start once you’ve chosen one.

Show Mentions
– Fav app: Alto’s Adventure
Simon Lejeune


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