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Coming up is a coaching call where we discuss how to figure out what your target audience wants, whether you should turn a blind eye to freelancing and the hack that I used to build a profile in the early days of App Masters.

Spencer Depas is a mobile consultant and Android developer.

Show Notes

How to Make Money in the App Space?

There are a lot of ways to make money in the mobile app industry. If you are a developer, the easiest way to earn is from developing apps, but you have other options aside from that. Some people have difficulty figuring out what they should do to make money from the app space.

For those who are going through the same thing, I suggest that you figure out and stick to what you think is best for you. If someone approaches you for help in developing an app, then offer that service. Listen to what the people need and address that.

Leverage Other People’s Knowledge

A number of people are skilled but have a hard time finding clients or projects. For this, you can leverage other people’s knowledge and expand your connection in the process.

For instance, you can do a YouTube show to grow your brand and invite knowledgeable people in your circle to share their knowledge. You can interview those who are good at marketing and making a living with apps. By doing so, you can learn from them and at the same time eventually learn where to focus.

I started making content and interviewing people. Eventually, a number of people come to me for marketing advice and that’s when I decided to focus on this niche. Just continue to work until you find the right footing for your business.

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