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If you’re looking for an affordable way to drive thousands of downloads using influencer marketing, then check out Trend Pie. They use social media to help your app to be on the trending list of the AppStore. Go to to get started today. is the one-stop shop for all your app development needs. They can help you with design, development and even marketing. Plus, they are offering an exclusive 20% off just for the App Masters community.

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Coming up is an influencer marketing course that you can only find on the new App Masters Academy. The presenter is Victor Ricci who is known for his work on Vine, amassing over 1 million followers in less than 7 months.

From there he founded Trend Pie, an influencer marketing platform that helps app developers drive cost effective downloads and whose customers include Sworkit, Yahoo! Video Guide, Drunk Mode, Wedding Wire and more.

Victor Ricci is Founder at Trend Pie.

Show Notes

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive Low Cost Installs

The emotional appeal behind every ad we do is what makes installs organic and natural. They found your app, they enjoyed it, thereby they want to share and talk about it. We don’t plaster people with branding, flashy lights and logos everywhere. People aren’t stupid, they’ll see that and know that it’s an ad and they are done. Just like that, you lost a customer. So make your marketing organic and natural and the rest will do the work.

Big Influencers are Not Necessarily Better

If you pay Kim Kardashian $500k to post Tweets and Instagram photos for your app, you may get thousands of people to see it but the conversion rate is not essentially what it should be. People follow Kim Kardashian because she is Kim Kardashian and just wants to keep up with her but they don’t care what she post about. In contrast, influencers who are posting content daily are really just followed because people love their content. If they post something about our apps, we make it look like they are content so engagement rates skyrocket because it does not look like an ad, people care what they are posting and you are looking at a fraction of a fraction of the price.

How to Engage with Influencers When You Have Little to No Budget

It’s tough as people on social media know what their accounts are worth. It’s tricky but you can try stating that your budget is slim but you’ll pay them a percentage of the downloads they drive. Start low but expect for them to be stubborn so prepare leeway.

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