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If you’re only using push notifications to re-engage with your customers, then you need to keep up with the times. In today’s episode you will discover successful types of in-app marketing campaigns which include in-app messages and surveys. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares the best in-app campaigns for games.

Dustin Amrhein is the VP of Customer Success at Insert, the first automated in-app marketing platform.

Show Notes

Doing Surveys the Right Way

Surveys are huge when it comes to gathering market and customer feedback but most companies are doing it the wrong way. Their customers interact with them via their app but they would ask them to answer their surveys through emails, for example. If the interaction is done and completed in the app, customers are more likely to answer and it can have phenomenal conversion rates. If these are done inside the app, product owners have limited space so this forces them to be very focused on what they want to ask and mobile interactions tend to be more purposeful. When you go to the web, you might be distracted with something else but when you click an app, you log in there to do a very specific thing.

In-app Campaigns for Games

Registration can drive an anonymous user to become a named one and start to give you useful information so a lot of campaigns are focused on initial sign up and registration. Dustin also sees campaigns embedded into the game play that are built around in-app purchases. Insert vary their tactics so they do not become the usual predictable and boring ways to drive in-app purchases including the ones mentioned plus strategically placing these in different game plays and moments. Their technology allows app owners to reach the user at just the right moment with just the right message, taking into account the user’s behavior.

Show Mention

The Giant Book of In-App Campaigns

– Fav app: Perfect 365: (iTunes | Google Play)

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