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Today’s guest will share his learnings on how to grow your business and earn a million in your revenue monthly. He will also share his knowledge from the ASO standpoint.

Hector Lopez is the CEO and co-founder of Instasize.

Show Notes

How Instasize Begins and Grows?

Instasize begins as a resizing app. Lopez and his colleagues realized that Facebook and  Instagram users have difficulty fitting their photos because it cuts a portion of the original image. To address this problem, they created an app that would help users resize or crop their photo. Hence, the name Instasize. Initially, this app only offers a single feature, which is resizing photos.

To promote their app, they searched for Twitter users who complained about the issue or who searched for “Instagram crop”. They created a fake Twitter account and encouraged the users who encounter the problem to download their app by providing a link to their app. They used Twitter to promote their app and didn’t spend on its marketing.

The team didn’t stop there, they noticed how the social media users use different apps to resize, filter and make a collage, so they decided to upgrade their app so that it becomes an all-in-one toolkit. Over the years, they keep working on developing their app until it becomes a full-fledged photo and video editor.

Why Instasize Decided To Offer Subscription For Their Service?

In August 2017, Instagram released its own cropping tool which results in a drop of Instasize’s users since only a few visit their app following that update. They knew that it would happen and opted to put their focus in another area.

The team recognized the growth of social media influencers who make money online through high-quality images. So, they target these individuals to grow their business by offering a subscription because they know that these persons are willing to invest in their product. Instasize can help social media influencers grow their followers and engagement which makes it a good investment for influencers.

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