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Today’s guest talks about how the imposter syndrome crippled her communication with her clients and how the movie, Matrix, changed it all around. We talk about the importance of community to help you move forward in life, managing a work life balance and how to add diversity into your endeavors.

Kate Edwards is Executive Director at International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

Show Notes

The Imposter Syndrome and The Matrix Cured Her of It

After working well over 25 years and getting pedigree in her particular field, Kate noticed that she was getting nervous everytime she sent an email to a client. It bugged her that she felt that they will not like what she will be sending so she had to step back and remind herself that she was hired because she knows her stuff. She had never made a mistake in her entire career but she found herself questioning her skill. She went to a concert where they did the entire score of the first Matrix film and in one of the scenes, the quote “Don’t think you are, know are you are” resonated so deeply in her that she just cried and cried. While she dwelled in the issue that she felt she was not fit to be tagged as an ‘expert’, in those lines, she began to accept the fact that people see her as skilled and the fact that she does have knowledge on certain areas that others do not. After this epiphany, the imposter syndrome all went away. She learned to embrace and be at peace with who she is.

How to Add Diversity in Your Endeavors

Diversifying can be tough, an example is if you want more women in your group because usually, women will join one only if there are already women in there. Generally speaking, most women are not comfortable with being the only one in the room so Kate encourages organizations to make an explicit effort to reach out to women and try to get a few to join a meeting. If the experience is worthwhile, the word is going to spread within their social network. There are a lot of horror stories in the tech and game industry about sexism so the burden is with the organization to make an effort to reach out for people to join the community.

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