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Today’s guest went from being a lawyer to now running a SaaS company and she shares who she built her project management platform with end users and no developers. You will discover how she came up with her idea, got early feedback from past clients, and how she used consulting to help fund the company in the early days.

Christine Ziebell is the Founder & CEO at Intraboom.

Show Notes

Building a Product with End Users and No Developers

Christine had come to a realization that people are not able to differentiate product just by looking at them but they are able to do this massively by hearing a story. So she learned to tell people, which she never thought to mention before, the fact that theirs was the only product out there which was designed by end users for end users. They did not even involve an engineer or developer until they starting coding so explains why theirs is the most user friendly. They didn’t ask engineers, they just told them how they want it to work as she knows that if they get in the way early, they will start dictating the easiest way to go basing on technology that they are using.

Getting Funding for Your Company

You have to understand that getting funding is a game. Nobody will look at your business plan and go, ‘this is wonderful, here’s the money!’ Their job is to point out the weaknesses of your product so they can negotiate on the valuable and get as good of a deal as they can. Remember that you are trying to move forward and you need money to do this. Don’t have something etched in stone when you are approaching investors. Christine shares that when asked how much she is willing to give up, she would say, ‘as little as possible and as much as it takes’.

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