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Dennis Bowles

Dennis Bowles

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About the Episode

Coming up, want a quick and simple way to launch your first iPhone? Well, I have Dennis Bowles who shares how he launched his first ever app in just a week. He’s also documenting his whole app experience on his own podcast. Also, listen to the tip that Dennis shares about overcoming the internal doubts that we all have.

Dennis Bowles is an app developer and host of the iPhone App Experiment podcast.

About Sugar Glider X

Sugar Glider X features a challenging gliding/physics-based game play with hours of replay value! How far can you get in helping “Sugar” to find her family? Use your finger to launch Sugar the Sugar Glider into the air and begin her gliding journey on a quest to reunite with her loved ones.

Swipe upward on your screen to give Sugar little gusts of wind to keep her gliding further and further and when you get flying too fast, tap the screen to slow her down… but don’t run out of energy too soon or she won’t get too far. Watch out for the evil Hawk and nasty Bees as you glide your way across beautiful landscapes that start from the back yard and take you across the ocean and into the jungle.


Includes several beautifully designed backgrounds that seamlessly change throughout your endless level playing experience -Customization shop to customize your Sugar Glider with the coins you have collected -Collect Bugs while you play to instantly refill your meters and progress further and further -Amazing Retina Graphics  -Complete gliding physics enabled  -Obstacles like the evil Hawk and nasty bees increase the adventure -and much more… 
You can help Sugar search for her family for free, the optional in-app purchases just allows you to purchase items that you might want to help you get further and also to customize Sugar so she looks just the way you want her too!

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