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About the Episode

Are you having a hard time taking the entrepreneurial leap? Well today’s guest started his first business handing out flyers to some of his friends and now runs a multi-million dollar company. He shares how to overcome the fear of failure, thinking outside of the box, and doing whatever it takes to make your business succeed.

David Alwadish is the Founder and CEO at

Show Notes

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

David thinks that the fear of failure is what cripples a lot of people. While they are afraid of the feeling of failure, the worst feeling that they suffer is the failure of never attempting to try. It lingers longer and is certainly more destructive. You will hate yourself for not trying. Those who never try are never successful and those who are successful have tried and failed numerous times. People need to realize that living a life without trying is far worse than the fear of failure. To overcome this, write your idea down, ponder on it, and consult other entrepreneurs. The more you ask, the more feedback you get, the more confident you are to move forward. It’s all about asking, learning and getting constructive feedback for you to grow.

Thinking Out of the Box 

Ideas usually come when there is a problem. It can be annoying and some people just accept it as a norm. But some see a problem and they think creatively to fix it so it’s all about mindset. We all have problems popping up and the geniuses will think out of the box to fix it and make a business out of it. 

Doing Whatever It Takes to Succeed

David shares that there was a time that he would stand in the streets to give out flyers because he cannot afford to pay anyone to do it. He believes that when you have an idea, a drive, a goal, a mission, you do whatever it takes to make it successful. Whether it means giving out flyers in the streets, serving food in push carts, working around the clock or getting a second job – if you have a dream, that is the key to make it successful. Do what you have to do against all odds.

Course: Business Ideas and Business Developments which are out of the box.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Waze: (iTunes)

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  • Adam Derrick says:

    Wow. I think if everyone worked just half as hard as David than the door to success would be opened that little but wider. Great listen Steve. Adam from Oz

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