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About the Episode

Today’s guest sold his agency for over 7 figures and he shares how to grow your agency, the systems you need in place and things potential buyers are looking for when buying your business. Also, he lays out his 3 step process to signing clients to a year long contract.

Jason Swenk is CEO at

Show Notes

Growing His Agency

There was a moment in Jason’s journey wherein he became unhappy with the agency and felt like a miserable prisoner. He was facing payroll issues, dissatisfied employees, etc. and he saw that what the company had become was not something that he wanted. So he went ahead and looked for another job and this is when he saw that Nascar was looking for a CMO. We went through the application process and while he was filling out documents, he came across a section where he was asked what he doesn’t want to do anymore. While he was doing this, he realized he can do this within the agency and went ahead and make a Do Not Do Anymore list. He implemented it in the agency, became laser-focused in figuring out their specialization and got the clarity he needed. Everything changed after that and they just grew substantially year after year.

Signing Clients to a Year-Long Contract

To have people work with you for a year, you have to do it in the right order.

  1. Discovery – map out how the app could work.
  2. Project – built trust with them during this phase.
  3. Position continuous improvement.

Ensure that you impose penalties for cancellation to discourage the notion that they can just back out anytime.

Show Mentions

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