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Today’s guest helped grow JOB TODAY to over 5M jobseekers without a web presence. You will hear how their two controversial features actually led to their growth, how they decreased their CPIs in half by converting static images into a video ad and lastly how to actually measure the performance of your retargeting campaigns.

Todor Madzharov is Head of Marketing at JOB TODAY.

Show Notes

The Controversial Decisions Job Today Made That Worked

Job Today made a controversial move by adding a chat feature on their app that allows applicants to directly contact the hiring manager. A number discouraged them from adding this particular feature as it would only annoy the hiring managers or the persons who posted the job if they would be bombarded by messages from the applicants. However, the said feature turned out to be the most engaging part of the app because people wanted to have a conversation with real people on the other side.

In addition, the team understands how annoying it is for applicants to not hear back from the hiring manager after the application so they added another feature that forced the employer to give feedback to the applicant within 24 hours. There is an automatic 24-hour counter and if the employer fails to get back to the applicant, he will lose access to that person. The applicant is free to move on and apply for other jobs.

These features proved to be rewarding to both parties as it provides urgency. If the employer needs an employee, he will immediately respond. Also, the applicants will not waste time waiting to hear back from the hiring managers if the latter does not reply to their application within 24 hours.

How to Improve CPI By Converting Static Images Into a Video Ad

If you are using carousel ads and image ads and they don’t work well compared to videos, you can easily convert them into a gif file using an online converter. Todor and his team did this, they just literally converted six images, the six frames into a gif and ran it as a video.

After doing it, their CPI decreased by half. They didn’t do any other changes other than converting the static images into a gif and it improved their CPI.

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Fav app: JobToday (iTunes | Google Play)

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