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Kaminolabs - Roger Obando

Kaminolabs – Roger Obando


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About the Episode

How do you connect with what Malcolm Gladwell calls the mavens in his book The Tipping Point? Well today’s guest talks about his approach and how he landed a key influencer in the travel space. Also, listen to how continually talking to his customers helped the company build the right features.

Roger Obando is the Co-Founder & CTO at Kamino Labs, Inc.

Show Notes

Landing Key Influencers to Grow Your Network

Roger shares that it all started with one but because bloggers share the same network,go to the same conferences, visit the same forums online, being able to bring in and have one of the ‘mavens’ vouch for you can truly get your brand out there. Once these people work with you and they, in turn, get a taste of your performance, they would then be able to talk and vouch for you to more people and there goes the domino effect. You have to want to do something for these influencers who have the knowledge you need by doing something in exchange.

Adapting Your Platform with Your Users

Building a community in the network they were in had an incredible effect for them as their input had led them to revelations that what they have is a platform which can really be useful for travel bloggers. They saw that there were no centralized resources right now such as, if you are making travel plans you have to hop from Trip Advisor, Expedia or and if you want to know about the place you are going to, you end up Googling random blogs. So what they did is to incorporate content from the contributing bloggers to their site to give other users who are planning travels a launch pad to do research. Becoming a travel aggregator was not their whole plan at the beginning but they realized, because of user interaction, that this is an untapped resource, which they can leverage on and which could bring value to everyone involved. 

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

You can do it. It’s a matter of taking an idea you truly believe in and sharing it with other people. Don’t be afraid of sharing your idea to other people. No one will steal your ideas.

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