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About the Episode

Today’s guest is Ketchapp’s Chief Revenue Officer, Christian Calderon, and he shares his advice on ad monetization including ad meditation, first impression and a few apps doing some cool stuff with rewarded video. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares the retention metrics you should be looking at to ensure a good you are getting a good lifetime value of a user.

Christian Calderon is the Chief Revenue Officer at Ketchapp.

Show Notes

Ad Mediation and How to Find the Right Partner

Ad mediation determines which ads to serve in the game basing on the price that advertisers are willing to pay. When your games are ranking top 10 in hundreds of countries, when you launch another one, it’s important to have a tech team to scale that. If you are looking for a mediation partner, the best thing to do is to look at all the players, test different ones to see which ones are fit for you and scale with that partner. Do not sign any exclusive arrangements.

Metrics to Look at to Ensure a Good Lifetime Value of a User

Lifetime value is essentially a product of two things: retention and average revenue per daily active user. You are basically splitting the engagement and the monetization metrics apart. The first thing that you typically want to look at in a game is the retention piece to ensure that the game is viable. It is a check that you can throw the game in the market place and people will play it, will keep it in their devices and will come back to it. Then, it is critical to look at the monetization piece. Throughout the lifecycle of an app, you are always trying to improve these two things. Our iterations, updates, product features are all geared towards the improvement of these two things. The reason for this is the never-ending chase to increase lifetime value.

Show Mentions

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