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One of the things which helped our clients grow downloads is finding and targeting keyword misspellings. We had a whopping 128% increase because he learned about a misspelling of a very popular keyword which had a good amount of traffic and a very low competition. We got to rank number 1 for this keyword. The thing that you should consider though is the fact that the misspelled word that you would be focusing on should have traffic since a lot of them do not.

  • The first tool that you can use to find these misspelled words is SEO Book -Keyword Typo Generator. Just type in a word and choose a parameter such as skipping a space, forgetting a letter or mistyping a key and it will generate all the results. Copy and paste the keywords and drop them into your favorite ASO tool after that to determine traffic and difficulty scores.
  • The second tool is but I must warn you that the site is spammy and comes with lots of crazy ads. I usually take the top 7 results and place them into Apple Search Ads to get a sense of the traffic and difficulty scores. I have a Chrome extension plug in put in place to be able to see this.
  • My favorite one so far though is a free tool called AppFollow. Once inside the tool, go to the ASO Tools tab and choose Search Ad Quality Score from the dropdown. Key in the word which you feel has potential and once the tool gives you the results, pick the first app in the list. Once you click on that app, it will give you a list of words which Apple would have auto suggested for you. The cool thing is, you get the see the scores right then and there sans the need for Chrome extensions. This is how you can stumble on misspelled words which you can then use for your own app.

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