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For this episode, I take it easy and tell you about something which I personally went through during my latest AppMasters Retreat. It’s an event series that I have been hosting and has been one of the most revealing thingsthat I have done. It is something that I truly believe in because I love bringing awesome entrepreneurs together so real bonds are developed.

When I organize these events, I always get nervous especially when I deal with questions in my head. Are enough people coming? Will they think that this is such a tiny thing? Is this going to bring about real value? I am confident about the format but for some reason, I always get hung up on how many people are going to come. This is after the fact that after every event, people love that the event is so intimate because relationships are really developed.

On the first day of the event, I will not be able to sleep and will wake up way too early. It would be stressed out and would feel so tensed. During these times, I bring myself back to why I am doing this event and what this is for. Then immediately after the event, I would find myself looking at the areas of opportunity and where the next one would be.

And this is how I know I am truly passionate about this – despite all the stress; you can’t get it out of your mind!

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