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Want to know how to turn an average game into an amazing, mind-blowing one? Well today’s guest has millions of downloads to his games and he’ll share what types of analytics you should be tracking and how to fully understand your users. Plus, you will discover some amazing retention strategies to make sure your users come back to your game.

Manuel Boca is a partner at Kobra, a newly founded game publishing company.

Show Notes

Where do you start when turning an average game into an amazing one?

A lot of developers who are just new in the app business make the mistake of not using analytics when developing their games. For Manuel, analytics and metrics are very important in order to make your game better.

You have to understand the users first, so you can give them the thing that they need. You have to check how they are playing and see what they want. You also need to check the comments and review. Manuel uses GameAnalytics to see the important metrics. This app is 100% free.

How should app developers approach publishers?

Developers should make sure that they have good metrics to show to the publishers before they approach them. Manuel only works with those who know what they are doing. Also, it’s important to show them how your game can be profitable.

So, if you have some good numbers, you can reach out to them. He doesn’t care if you contact them through email, website or even at Game Developers Conference (GDC).

What retention strategies work today?

If you are working on a game app, it’s best to add a community because this is a good reason for players to come back and talk to other users. Adding some sort of clan in the gameplay makes it more fun especially if they can chat and exchange some items or stuff. If there’s a community, the players can do more in the gameplay compared to just a single player game.

How to monetize a game app?

You can monetize a game app by adding rewarded video ad, which is pretty popular lately. Video ads are quite high. In fact, 45 to 50% of the active users are seeing four to five ads per day.

Another option is through in-game purchases. This is another huge deal that brings a large share of the profit.

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