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AppMasters - Steve P. Young

AppMasters – Steve P. Young


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About the Episode

How dp you launch an app that hits the top charts without getting featured by Apple? Well I share the strategies that we used to a $3 app into the #2 spot of the overall paid apps. It’s a simple 7 step process that you can start using today!

Show Notes

Strategies for launching a $3 app into the #2 spot of the overall paid apps:

  1. Start Marketing Early

How early is early? Do not wait till the app is perfect; start marketing as soon as the idea hits you. Pitch the press and the bloggers about the app you have in mind even if it is still in the prototype stage and get early feedback. Try creating content about your idea in different forms, not just in your Facebook page. Post the content in Facebook groups, run ads while still in the development stage and if you are creating a game, go to Touch Arcade.

  1. App Store Optimization

What is ASO?  Familiarize yourself with App Store Optimization. In, I have created an optimization course. and the Reverse Dictionary are good tools to start with.

  1. Build an Email List

Why do product people always say this? It is one of the most valuable tools you will have in this business and if you are here to play the long game, an email list is essential. If you don’t know how to get started, try, a free 30-day course on how to collect emails.

  1. Connect with Influencers 

Who and what are influencers? A person is an influencer if he has a lot of followers or a sizeable audience. If you do not know where to find influencers, check out Search the Twitter bios and look at the number of followers.

  1. Find The Right Story Angle

How do you know it’s the right angle? Find the one benefit of the app that is its validation for being.  A good example is this menu app that had this to say for itself: “This makes you cook once and allows you to eat delicious meals the entire week.” Whatever the angle or story is, the pitch must have the following 3 things: 1) the reporter’s view – what will a reporter find interesting; b) social proof – get the numbers that will show it is the thing to do or get a credible person, an influencer, to give it validation as the thing to do, and 3) personalize it a little bit– you are asking a favor, so your email should be gracious and appreciative of the other person too.

  1. Leverage an Existing Audience

What is leverage? In its simplest context, it is a tool that can be wielded to great advantage. An existing audience is a potential market that is already there, so use it. Touch Arcade, for example has already an established hardcore audience, so, if relevant to your product, use it. 

  1. Amplify the Message 

What message?  When your app has made it to top 50, go tell the world. When it moves to 20, tell the world. When it goes to the top 10, shout it out to the world some more. In other words, amplify the message by making it known on every relevant platform, get your email list and send out the emails. In the old days, it was known as “blow your own horn” but I say “Put the pedal to the medal.”

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