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Layered App - Hayden Bursk

Layered App – Hayden Bursk


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About the Episode

Are you looking to develop your own apps? Well today’s guest is a musician who taught himself how to develop apps and he shares some tools to help you get started in the process. Also, listen to the part of the show where we talk about launching apps in a crowded market.

Hayden Bursk is the creator of Layered App.

Show Notes

We had guests in our previous episodes whose backgrounds have little to do, or so we think on the onset, with the app business. We had professors, lawyers, writers, even models, who had tried their hands in apps and the merger of talents had led them to success in one area or another.

Our guest for today is, Hayden Bursk, a musician who turned his forte into an advantage in making better software and the app: Layered.

Here are highlights of my conversation with Hayden:

  • His background in music and how he transitioned to the mobile app industry,
  • About Drummer head, a company he founded, and the products they had created for clients such as Jason McGerr, the drummer of Death Cab for Cutie,
  • Game Salad and recommended tools for beginners in the app development space,
  • Photo, utility and other types of apps a developer should begin with when starting off,
  • Getting the app out as early as you can, getting coverage, reaching out to bloggers, and other strategies when he launch Layered,
  • How he gets through his low points, being on his own and what made him take the leap.

We also had a hearty discussion about sending emails to the press, including tracking tools you can employ in our own ventures, and the things he learned during this phase.

Show Mentions

– Site: Game Salad

– Site: Game Maker

– Site:

– Fav app:


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