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Learn Shapes – Dominic Chang

Learn Shapes – Dominic Chang

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About the Episode

Are you struggling with which features to build in your app? Well I have Dominic Chang who built his Learn Shapes app based on what he was NOT seeing in the app store. Also, listen to the tip he gives to keep the size of his app to a minimum.

Dominic Chang is the creator of Learn Shapes.

About Learn Shapes

Learn Shapes is a fun interactive and educational game that helps your child get a jump-start learning shapes and colors. Your child will love learning with this basic matching game presented with 14 different shapes and 7 distinct colors.

Learn Shapes also teaches children the names of colors and shapes in English, Chinese, and Japanese. The entire experience is designed in a way to create an informative learning environment without realizing classes are in session. The music was composed from the ground up to create a soothing and fun learning experience.

• Circle
• Square
• Diamond
• Rectangle
• Triangle
• Heart
• Star
• Oval
• Trapezoid
• Half circle
• Crescent
• Pentagon
• Hexagon
• Octagon

• Red
• Yellow
• Blue
• Green
• Purple
• Pink
• Orange

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